Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Special Edition: QUEEN OF MY HEART

Handmade recycled envelopes 
to be filled in with a special note each

Boys all focused and peaceful (alhamdulillah)

Girls with their little meaningful notes

Peaceful and quiet moment in class

Taking a walk into a memory of my mother...

Pouring feelings for the "Queen of My Heart"

"Ibu cooks delicious food" - Iqbal

"My Mother always help me" -Hariz

A note for IBU. . .

"My mom takes care of me so much!" -Hakimi

"She is kind, generous and loving" -Safiya

"When I am sad, my mother says to me it's okay.."- Izzah

"She cuddles me and hugs me also gives me lots of love"- Husna

15  packets of Notes written with love for the Wonderful Mothers,

thank you for the mother you are 
and all that you do in this world
May Allah Place You in the Highest Rank of Jannah, amin Ya Rabb

"ISSA wishes Happy Mother's Day to ALL MOTHERS in every corner of this world"


  1. Before I start my comments, I want to say HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY for all mothers in this world. I think our mothers should read this because this from our sincere love and care. I want to make all mothers in the world happy with standard 4 ISSA. I don't want all mothers become sad, I want all mothers happy with us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Assalamualeikum safiya,

    You know what??

    You've just made ALL Mothers reading this HAPPY because the truth is...

    in Islam Mother's Day is EVERYDAY!!!

    So don't forget to remind them by wishing them always and you can show your love in all kind of possible ways, especially by being good and following what they say.

    Please make du'a that one day I become a mother too, then I would know how special it is to be one..

    But I do feel special already since all of you are like my own "children"


    Tc. Kauthar

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