Sunday, March 6, 2011

Soap Making Class by Celebrating Handmade

"Do you know that dishwashing water from your house contributes to ocean pollution?
If everyone of us takes a little more care, we can keep our oceans clean and blue. So lets start by
making your own household soap!

You and your whole family will appreciate the switch to these natural soaps!
You'll be so amazed by how well your handmade products clean and how great they smell that
you'll never use synthetic commercial cleaning products again.

Participants will learn to make their own soap mould and about 800g of soap, which they
can take home to cut afterwards. "

Soap made during class can be used for washing hands,mopping the floor, washing shirts, undergarments ,dishes.

Class Title : Handmade Household Soap
Taught by : Patty
Date : 12 March 2011 (SATURDAY)
Time : 3pm - 6pm
Class Language : English & Mandarin
Class Fee : RM80 per person OR RM150 per pair (inclusive of materials)
Class Deposit : RM30 (this fee is non refundable in the case of absentee)
Maximum Participants Capacity : 4 - 12 person

Bring along 1 empty milk cartons (1000ml size) to store your soap!


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