Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Learn the 4 "R's"

There are so many great ways to have a greener school yearly. This is a top ten list of SIMPLE ideas you can implement in your school, in no time, and with no cost! All the while, encouraging GREEN habits, pro-active solutions and teaching the 4 “r’s”.

1. Reusable Containers

Encourage everyone to use reusable containers to hold their snacks, drinks and lunches - so that no plastic or paper has to be thrown away. This is a great way to REDUCE!

2. Scrap Paper Box

Keep a scrap paper box in a convenient location. Encourage everyone to use both sides of the paper. This is a great way to Renew!

3. Ecology Craft Box

So many of the items normally bound for the garbage actually make wonderful craft materials. Boxes, tissue paper, string, and plastic bottles are some of the items kids can use to make great projects. This is a great way to recycle!

4. School supply SWAP

Organize a school supply swap or have a swap box in the classroom for unused school supplies and books. This is a great way to REDUCE!

5. Book Swap:

Encourage additional reading! Organize a one-day book swap or have a “free book” bookcase in the classroom.This is a great way to REUSE!

6. Organize a “Walking School Bus” or Car Pool:

If kids live close to school, we love this idea. Kids can learn to save energy and gas by using alternative means of transportation such as bicycle, walk or ride sharing. This is a great way to REDUCE!

7. Get Your Whole School to Recycle. Start a Go Green PATROL

Go Green Patrol is a great way to encourage kids In school. This is a great project for your class. if your school does not already have a recycling program in place. If your school already recycles, see if your class can improve the current system. This is a great way to RECYCLE!

8. Recycle Fundraisers:

Good for the school good for the environment. Recycle phones and ink cartridges. Earn points and money for your classroom. Encourage companies to sponsor your by donating their points. A recycle fundraiser gets everyone involved. This is a great way to RECYCLE!

9. School Beautification:

Teach kids to love their surroundings and earn a green thumb. Start seedlings and later plant flowers around the schoolyard. Encourage them to maintain the garden. This is a great way to RENEW!

10. ORGANIZE a “Going Green Day”.

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