Saturday, March 27, 2010

Coming Soon. . .

My Earth Hour 2010

"Earth Hour is a symbolic event and is meant to unite people, companies and governments around the world through the very simple act of flipping a light switch. We hope that through events like Earth Hour, a growing number of people, governments and businesses will be aware and concern enough about the climate crisis to start making the necessary changes to be more carbon-efficient.

Earth Hour is not a long-term solution to mitigate climate change. However, it is an important first step to generate awareness, interest and concern over the global threat of climate change. People will only be motivated to take effective action against environmental threats like climate change if they are first made aware of the issue through campaigns like Earth Hour. By participating in Earth Hour, you are agreeing that strong action needs to be taken to find a solution to the climate crisis.

Earth Hour is an important first step. WWF hopes that people will continue to demonstrate their concern about climate change by taking steps towards achieving energy efficiency and avoiding wasteful consumption. WWF will continue to work with communities, governments and businesses to find ways to reduce the adverse impacts of climate change." - WWF

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