Saturday, October 17, 2009

Signs of The Creator

Isn't it amazing how Allah made birds fly in the air?

and say

!سبحان الله

"All glory to Allâh"

The Arabic root s-b-h can certainly mean to praise or to glorify, but in a deeper sense, this root also points toward a sense of swimming in something, or being immersed in something, or to be be floating in something, or to have something spread out in front of you as far as the eye can see.

Armed with these insights, we have a whole new vision of this word subhân... a delightfully expansive view, as though one is immersed in a vast sea which spreads out infinitely in all directions, a vast sea that one is floating in and the one is totally supported by. Oh, that is so beautiful!

What a powerful and magnificent metaphor this is for our existence in Allâh, portraying the vast Ocean of Allâh, and our utter dependence upon Allâh for all of our support.

The deepest loneliness arises when we forget that we are immersed in this Magnificent Ocean. The Ocean is not something to seek. It's already here. The challenge of life is to become aware of what we already have.

!سبحان الله

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