Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Kids Say: "Why Muslims Must Go Green?"

Ahmad Ammar Abuzahra, 10

I think that Muslims must "Go Green" because it is wajib (obligatory) for Muslims to be clean and "Go Green" relates to cleanliness, which is part of Iman. We should keep the earth clean.  The "Go Green" project is encouraging others to take care of the earth and the earth is created by Allah.  So, we are taking care of the creation of Allah.

Maryam Haziqah, 10

Because “Go Green” means peace and faith. Our world is having problems. We can help save by saving water, electricity and recycle. Our world is experiencing global warming. Save earth, our friend is earth and home of ISLAM!!!

Hilmy, 10

We have to Go Green because to make the world clean and tidy because the world is full of trash.

Damia Irdina Herizal, 10

Because we must save the environment and world so that we are the best Khalifah on Earth. To make the physical world good, clean and beautiful. So this earth will not lost. Please love this earth!


Hakimi, 10

To make the world look good and clean.


Salimah, 11

..we want to save the Earth.


It is Prophet’s favourite colour.

1.       Green is plant trees, land and everything

2.       Save the animals

3.       Plants trees to help


Ahmad Fayyadh Iddeen, 9

Because we have to make the Physical world good!!!


Husna, 10

Because we must celebrate the Go Green Muslim so “lets plant a tree”. Green is Iman which means




Celebrate together!!



We have to Go Green to make our earth nice.

Safiya Nazeeha, 9

Muslims must go green because by Go Green, we can save our earth. We also can recycle our things that we don’t use it. Go Green will make us comfortable.

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