Friday, May 15, 2009

The Prayer

Allah creates everything we need. Take, for example, the food that is essential for human life. Allah creates vegetables, fruit, chickens, cows, sheep, pretty little birds and fluttering butterflies. Allah creates your parents and all the people around you. Allah, the All-Mighty endows people with the bodies, intelligence, knowledge, strength, health and the opportunities they enjoy.

Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah! 

As mentioned earlier, Allah creates all these as blessings for us. We owe the food we eat to Allah. Similarly, we owe the ability to eat this food to Allah. 

Think of this for a moment. . .

How would you be able to chew your food without your teeth? 

How would you digest it without your stomach? 

Would the existence of food have any meaning if we did not have digestive systems?

We are all nourished by Allah's will. Because it is Allah Who gives all blessings to us, it is Allah to Whom we must pray when we want something to happen or to obtain something. Consequently, we must ask for everything from our Lord,

Yes, we must pray and humble ourselves to make Du'a to Him alone. And supplication and prayer cannot be limited to certain places or time. We can think of Allah and pray to Him at any moment. He is always there to listen.

(Mashaallah! this young boy is performing his solah)

This is to remind myself and everyone, not to forget to say our prayers today, meanwhile I leave everyone with a Du'a on this blessed day, this very Friday Inshaallah. . .

"Oh Allah! I ask for mercy from You by which You will guide my heart,
settle my affairs, 
remove my worries,
 protect me from what is unseen to me,
make my face radiant, 
purify my deeds, 
inspire me with wisdom,
avert calamities from me, 
and protect me from every evil in this world and the hereafter" 
Allahumma thumma Ameen

Jummah Mubarak!

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