Thursday, April 23, 2009

Happy Earth Day!

ISSA would like to wish all our friends. . . 

"A Very Happy Earth Day 2009"

Renew . Reuse . Relove ,

The Prophet Muhammad SallahuAlayhi wasSalam taught us that,
"All of the earth has been made to me as, like, a mosque."
So Islam teaches us the whole earth is made like a mosque. The earth is a sacred place, a holy place, so we should not act in a disrespectful way toward it. We should not abuse anything on the face of the earth.

And also we know that a hadith said, 
"There is an act of rewarded charity in every act of kindness 
that you do any living being on the earth." 

For example when we are taking wudhu, the Prophet told us not to take more water than necessary, even if making wudu' in a running river or lake. Excessiveness (israf) is condemned by Allah and His Messenger.

We have to treat Allah's creation with mercy and gentleness.

Happy Earth Day & Love from,
Friends of the Earth
Integrated Islamic School Shah Alam

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