Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Kids Say: My Earth Hour

 My Earth Hour: A Heart Serene

What the kids say...


Hilmy, 10

"I feel happy because I save the world's electricity. I feel scared because it was dark."

Safiya, 9

"I felt very happy because I can save the electricity. I enjoyed my earth hour. I watched television, National Geographic with my dad. I am very happy because all the world switched off their non-essential lights!"



 "we had a blackout during earth hour, I slept till morning"



"On last saturday, it was earth hour and my family switched off the electricity. At that time, my parents went to the mosque and only my siblings were home. While earth hour, we shared stories and took photos. I feel happy becuase we turned off the electricity to some energy to help cool the world, actually it was globle warming. I love earth hour because it was dark and fun and I hope it will happen again."


Fayyadh Idden, 10

"I feel so happy when the electricity was off!

at 9.00pm, I prayed isya'

at 9.30pm, my mother turn on the lamp!"

Hakimi, 9

"I feel so sad because we need to switch off the lights"


Damia Irdina, 10

"On last saturday, 28th march, me and my family switched off ALL electricity and have a candle light dinner, we went out, play games, sharing moments. We switched off the lights, fans, aircond and other appliances for one hour. We felt so excited about earth hour. At 9.30 pm, me and my family shouted "yeay alhamdulillah we succeeded our first Earth Hour"


Izzah, 9

" On march 28, I was not home because I went to Panasonic shop. My mother wanted a kettle. So I wasnt home that time. That's all from me, bye bye. He he he :)"



"I feel happy and excited.

I read Quran, 

after I read Quran, 

I played with my brothers.

after I played, I sleep"


  1. Masyaallah,they are supportive and the funniest person wrote this earth hour are
    Hakimi(hahaha~~).Iqbal is good masyaallah.(THIS IS MARYAM HAAZIQAH 4 AL FARABI)

  2. Assalamualeikum Maryam!

    yes, I agree with you! I smiled widely when I read his coloured note, I wasnt sure if he was trying to kid us all ;)

    Iqbal's earthly hour step seems cool!!

    Owh, and can you guess what I did?


    tc kauthar

  3. "i like the earth hour but we attracts a robber to come to our house because the lights is switch off. so if we on the light the robber knows there is someone is inside" :)

    -Hakim Abdullah, 2 al-Baihaqi

  4. Assalamualeikum Hakim,

    well yes, that is quite true. However during earth hour, we strive to turn-off the non-essential lights, those we don't necessarily need to have it turned-on (i.e when there's too much light already)

    because when we do this, we have tried to conserve more energy for one earthly hour. And hopefully, this will scare the robber away!! :)

    But we should all do this more often. What do you think?

    tc kauthar